The Story

We are on a mission to accelerate worthwhile ideas and help turn them into successful companies and products. We believe, there is a better way to do it.

11point2 is not a traditional VC firm, startup accelerator or corporate innovation lab. We are passionate entrepreneurs, makers, inventors,  engineers and designers that are connected by a love of working on worthwhile ideas. We work with startup founders, government, businesses and investors to accelerate idea development, validation and growth.

11point2 is inspired by a well known scientific term and constant known as “Escape Velocity”. It is the the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of earth. It’s value is 11.2 Km/s. It reflects our focus putting ideas on the launch pad that; have a reasonable chance of success, are prepared for the journey, and are truly worthwhile.

Ideas that achieve escape velocity change the world, worthwhile ideas change it for the better.

To deliver on the 11point2 mission we have organized ourselves across three distinct yet connected capabilities. These have been inspired by the 3 stages (Ignition, Accelerate and Boost) of a rocket leaving earth’s gravity.

11point2 Ignition is the Advisory Services where our experts help to provide strategic guidance across business models, product and technology helping organizations and startups navigate emerging trends and innovation.

11point2 Acceleration is our Skunkworks where we tinker, research, develop and test ideas that provide basis for future product development or address business opportunities or enhance learning in a certain area of technology.

11point2 Boost is our annual investment program that provides investors exposure to a portfolio of vetted Ideas across technologies and business domains. It is designed to provide significantly better equity exposure than traditional angel investing and increase the return likelihood

through diversification, exit options or incubation of a company. We use innovative and rigorous idea validation process based on our learnings and experience to ensure that success probability is maximum whilst minimizing time, effort and cost early in its lifecycle.

11point2 is a brainchild of good friends who have a shared view of the world, passion to create and driven by deep curiosity of technology and its ability to change our future. We are experienced entrepreneurs and problem-solvers who have built companies and taken ideas to scale.